INDIVIDUAL: Individual athletes will be between the ages as follows 18yrs, 17yrs, 16yrs, 15yrs, 14yrs, 13yrs old to be eligible to compete in the Sports Combine. All individual athletes will compete in up to 5 individual events 40-yard dash, 5-10-5 shuffle, cone drill, broad jump, and vertical jump. All times and measurements will be computed by Youth1 Sports. After all, events are completed places in the combined event will be calculated and awards will be presented of each 1st place finish per event per age group. 

Each individual Champion per event per age group will be presented with a Championship Belt.

NOTE: Any athlete who falsely gives incorrect school or age will be asked to submit a report card from their school before the award is presented. False information will disqualify that Individual from the event.

WHAT YOU GET: All participants will receive a Sports Combine T-shirt along with the availability to see their times and measurements compared to the event, the State of Ohio and the Country (US) from Youth1 Sports when it becomes available.

WHAT YOU NEED: Tennis Shoes i.e... Cross Trainer or gym type shoes. (No cleats or spikes) All Athletes should wear shorts or athletic type pants, all athletes must keep sleeves on combine shirts during the event. (DO NOT CUT OFF SLEEVES)